Technical Services


Existing Steel & Concrete Water Storage Tanks, Water and Waste Water Treatment Facilities

  • Phase I - Initial Evaluation (float-down, dry tank or site) Inspections.
  • Phase II - Preparation of Project Specific Reconditioning Specifications.
  • Phase III - Field Services, Inspections during reconditioning phase of the Project.
  • Phase IV - Two-year Warranty Coatings Inspection.
  • Phase V - Field Services, Inspection during any warranty coatings repairs.

New Steel & Concrete Water Storage Tank/Reservoirs, Water and Waste Water Treatment Facilities

  • Phase I - Assistance to the General Consultant with Specification Preparation.
  • Phase II - Provide Surface Preparation and Coating Application Inspection at the Fabricators Facilities.
  • Phase III - Intermittent Field Erection/Construction Monitoring.
  • Phase IV - Full Time Field Inspection during Coating Operations.
  • Phase V - One or Two Year Warranty Coatings Inspection.

Project Management Services

Some of the work included under this section shall include the following:
  • Conduct preconstruction meetings
  • Perform engineering services
  • Review of shop drawings
  • Issue contract document clarifications as required
  • Process contract change order requests
  • Review, correct and approve contractor submitted construction progress schedule
  • Process progress pay requests
  • Monitor contractor progress for conformance with construction schedule
  • Hold, and report on weekly job site progress meetings
  • Resolution/negotiation of liquidated delay damages
  • Request final submittals from contractor in conformance with contract documents
  • Process final pay request/project closeout
  • Process Warranty start date to Owner, Contractor and Surety
  •  Coating Failure Analysis
  • Initial Evaluation of Existing Coating Failures.
  • Analysis of Coatings for Compliance with Manufactures Specifications.
  • Report Findings and Recommendations.

Plans And Specifications

(KCI) KOLLMER CONSULTANTS, INC will prepare a tank specification package, which includes applicable drawings that are specifically designed by our engineers for your reconditioning project. The more comprehensive the specification is, the more likely it is that projects are completed on time, on budget, and with quality workmanship. Today's protective coating systems are designed to last 20 to 25 years with regular maintenance. Tight project specifications and careful adherence to them give the coating systems the opportunity to live their intended service life.

Plans and Specifications will be delivered to the Owner, a minimum of three (3) weeks prior to release of advertisement for contractor bids. This will give the time needed for review by Owner's Staff and the Owner's Attorney’s.

Preparation of the Project Specifications

KCI Project Specifications can help the Owner receive competitive bids for reconditioning, and reduce change orders during reconditioning. KCI Specifications reduce or eliminate unknowns, so that the bids can accurately reflect the actual scope of work.

Construction Management

The work performed in this section will include the following:

  • Conduct a pre-construction meeting with the client and contractor to clearly define the Consultant and/or Engineer's role and objectives, to discuss the intent of the specifications, the project schedule, and concerns of the Owner and other project related matters.
  • Issue contract document clarifications as required, negotiate change orders, contractor disputes including all time necessary to advocate Owner's position regarding such disputes. 
  • Process contract change order requests and make written recommendations to the Owner. 
  • Review, correct and approve contractor submitted construction progress schedule, drawings, change orders and pay requests. 
  • Process progress pay requests and makes written recommendations to the Owner. 
  • Prepare record drawings. 
  • Develop and negotiate construction schedule with the contractor. Monitor contractor's progress for conformance with construction schedule. 
  • Hold and report on weekly job site progress meetings. 
  • Monitor waste generated at the job site. Take T.C.L.P. samples, submit for testing and report on results. 
  • Review contractor submitted waste disposal plan, T.C.L.P. test results and report findings. 
  • Prepare and execute punch list and project acceptance certificate. Negotiate any disputes with contractor regarding punch list items and project acceptance certificate. 
  • Notification to contractor and owner of liquidated delay damages (LD), if required. 
  • Resolve/negotiate liquidated delay damages. 
  • Request and negotiate final pay request/project close-out. 
  • Process documents for warranty start date to the Owner, contractor and surety.

 Field Inspection

Inspect reconditioning work to include:

  • Perform welding inspection.
  • Monitoring environmental/weather conditions.
  • Monitoring conformance to environmental regulations.
  • Examine blast media and blasting equipment to prevent contamination of components with moisture and oil.
  • Monitoring the surface preparation and coating application for conformance with the manufacturer's requirements, good workmanship practices and the project specifications.
  • Retaining coating, surface preparation and abrasive samples.
  • Monitor mixing and thinning of the coating systems for compliance with the specifications and the manufacture's recommendations.
  • Communicating continually with the contractor and client.
  • Prepare a punch list of outstanding items and conduct final inspection.
  • Submitting daily and weekly inspection reports.

Prior to and during the project, we will work with you to tailor a customized approach to construction management that fits your requirements.

The field inspection shall be performed by:

  • Inspectors who are (NACE) National Association of Corrosion Engineers International Level I or Level II NACE Inspectors who work directly under the direction of a Certified NACE International Coatings Inspector. If requested, a NACE level III Certified Coatings Inspector can perform full time inspection also.
  • Coatings Inspectors who are exceptionally trained and qualified in climbing, rigging and performing coating inspections on any type of structure.
  • Welding Inspectors who are AWS Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) or AWS Associate Welding Inspectors.
  • Experienced Welding inspectors, additionally trained as Level I and II Non Destructive Examination (NDE) Technicians, who have a minimum of five (5) years experience and in accordance to the requirements of ASNT-SNT-TC-1A and performing inspections in accordance to the AWWA D-100-96 Standard.


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